Choosing to Work with a Public Adjuster

Picture this: a massive storm rips across the tristate area. Trees fall, power lines are down, homes and businesses are damaged. A policyholder suffers a serious loss to their property. Some of their most cherished belongings are destroyed, and making important decisions at this time can be difficult. They need help, and fast— but they are not sure that their insurance company is looking out for their best interests. Now what?

The policyholder can call their agent, broker, attorney, or accountant. Depending on the size and scope of the loss, the professional will likely suggest that the insured considers a licensed public adjuster with the proper references and experience to assist with all nuances of the claim preparation and negotiation. Aside from professionals, a policyholder should speak to other people about the next steps after a loss— neighbors, friends or colleagues who may have recently filed an insurance claim or were victims to a fire or storm. Everyone in the tristate area knows someone who filed a “Super Storm Sandy” claim. These people will have a fresh perspective of what to do and not do after a loss. Most people are happy to share their personal story, and many in the NY/NJ metropolitan area will recommend M. Miller & Son.

After a loss, M. Miller & Son goes to the scene and meets with policyholders, also referred to as insureds. We provide everything we can to the insured so they can make the best informed decision as to how to proceed with their claim— area references; emergency service providers to secure, preserve and protect the property; inventory and loss appraisal experts; relevant articles about working with a public adjuster, and more. People ultimately choose M. Miller & Son because of our reputation, longevity in the communities we serve, credibility, integrity, personalized service, compassion, proven and effective methods in dealing with our counterpart from the insurance company, and respect for all clients. 

M. Miller & Son is accredited by the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA, and has earned the trust and respect of our clients since 1960. We believe that all claimants are entitled to a fair and equitable outcome by their insurer. We know it takes trust to retain an expert one meets immediately after experiencing a major loss, but M. Miller & Son is armed with decades of experience and successes to ensure policyholders that they are making a savvy decision. 

If the policyholder chooses not to work with a licensed public adjuster, the claims process can be significantly more difficult. The insured must have the time and wherewithal in mitigating their own claim and the majority of claimants benefit greatly by working with a public adjuster. However, sometimes policyholders attempt to take a shot in settling the property damage claim on their own. These people feel that instead of paying an adjustment fee, they can work directly with the insurance company and make their best deal. However, these people usually make statements to the carrier and to their representatives that are detrimental to the outcome of the claim and could cost them tens of thousands of dollars, or more in some cases. Ultimately, working with a public adjuster through the claims process produces the best outcome; settlements for M. Miller & Son clients are often 15%-1000% higher than what insurance carriers originally offer. Check out our case studies (link to case studies page here) to see some of our incredible outcomes.