What is a Public Insurance Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster (PA) represents the interests if the insurance policyholder in the preparation, presentation and settlement of first-party property insurance claims.  A qualified PA has specialized expertise that can simplify and speed up this complicated process.  A PA works only for you-not the insurance company, not the roofing company, not the general contractor-and serves as an important protection for your rights as a policyholder.

What is the difference between a Public Adjuster and the adjuster assigned by my insurance company?    

Your insurance company hires an adjuster to represent their best interest in the settlement of your claim. A Public Adjuster works exclusively for you, not the insurance company. A Public Adjuster’s role is to manage all aspects of filing your claim and negotiating your settlement, and to ensure that you collect everything that your policy entitles you to receive, in a timely manner. 

How can a PA help me?    

A PA is your representative in dealings with your insurance company adjuster and his or her consultants (engineers, construction experts, or forensic accountants).  Hiring a PA can level the playing field and make a significant difference in the final determination of your loss.

A PA will relieve you of many time consuming, tedious and difficult matters related to preparing and filing your insurance claim-and help you get a prompt and fair settlement.  The PA will prepare your claim, including all estimates, inventories and other factual information that may be required to prove your loss.  Your PA will make sure your claim meets all of your insurance company's filing requirements.

Why should I choose M. Miller & Son to serve as my Public Adjuster?    

M. Miller & Son is a third-generation, family-owned business that for more than 50 years has worked to ensure that its clients receive prompt and equitable damage-claim settlements. Our executives and team of Public Adjusters are highly seasoned and extremely knowledgeable, boasting a combined total of more than 150 years of industry experience gained at M. Miller & Son alone. Our staff possesses the expertise to communicate with the insurance company on your behalf and guide you through the difficult and confusing task of preparing a claim. Since 1960, we have successfully adjusted thousands of claims and have provided our clients with personalized, dedicated, and professional service throughout the entire process. We at M. Miller & Son are committed to providing you with ethical and quality public adjusting services.

Can't I just do this myself?

Insurance policies put the burden of proving a property loss on the policyholder-you.  Few people have the expertise or experience that is needed to meet that burden.  A PA has specialized knowledge about insurance policies, current replacement costs, property restoration, business income loss, and other elements of property loss that are critical to getting a fair and proper settlement.

How much does a Public Adjuster charge for their services? Are there up-front fees?    

Responsible PA's often base their fees on a percentage of the final settlement-based on the time, energy and expertise required to properly and effectively represent  their client.  Typically, Public Adjusters charge a service fee of 10% of the total gross amount of the settlement. However, a fee will only be collected after your claim is settled, with no up-front costs.  At M. Miller & Son, a fee is only payable if there is a favorable result.

Why should I care if my PA is a National Association of Public Adjusters (NAPIA) member?

When you're working with a NAPIA member, you can be assured you are working with one of the most knowledgeable and competent public adjusters in the business.  Through its accreditation and training programs, NAPIA sets its own high standards for professional knowledge, competence and achievement.  The association enforces a strict code of ethics to promote the highest standard of integrity and professionalism.

Most states require public adjusters to be tested and licensed.  Licensed public adjusters must demonstrate significant knowledge and competence in a broad range of areas related to property insurance, claims settlement and pertinent laws and regulations.  NAPIA strongly endorses licensing and supports the efforts of its members working to create licensing legislation in the few states where it is not already required.

How long is the claim settlement process? 

Each claim is unique. It may take from two months to two years for a claim to be settled. In order to process a claim properly, insurance companies require factual information related to your loss. For home-owners, compiling this documentation can be a complex, extremely time-consuming, and overwhelming task. For business owners, this process can be even more daunting, given the level of detail required to catalog large inventories, not to mention the business interruption, extra expenses incurred, replacement costs, depreciation, and co-insurance. M. Miller & Son’s goal is to expedite the process so that its clients are back up and running in the shortest period possible. 

* As a proud member of the National Association of Public Adjusters (NAPIA), our FAQs were sourced with assistance from NAPIA documentation.