This time the damage didn’t happen to someone else, it happened to you. You’ve suffered a major loss. Frozen pipes in your home. A fire in your restaurant. A tree through your roof. Now what? Call your insurance company? Yes. You can be assured they will put their finest adjuster on the project to negotiate the best settlement for them. Remember, your insurance carrier has their best interest in mind – not yours – and there can be a large discrepancy between the amount of money you are offered, and the amount you deserve. 

Fire Loss, Watchung, NJ

Carrier: Chubb Insurance Company.
Single family home. Generator fire caused damage to rear of structure.

First offer:
Final settlement:
$ 342,544.15 gain

$ 403,278.72
$ 745,822.87
85% increase


Fire Loss, Westfield, NJ

Carrier: Preferred Mutual Insurance Company.
Fire began in the basement of a high-end home.

First offer:
Second offer: 
Final settlement:
$ 475,796.88 gain

$ 272,754.63
$ 547,226.95
$ 748,551.51
174% increase


Fire loss, Freehold, NJ

Carrier: Pacific Specialty Insurance Company.
Single family home. Heavy fire started in the basement (per fire report: child playing with matches). Parts of first floor collapsed into basement, filling basement with water. 

First offer:
Second offer:
Final settlement: 
$ 109,338.20 gain

$ 291,744.12  
$ 376,110.74
$ 401,082.32
37% increase

Fire Loss, Dunellen, NJ

Carrier: NJM Insurance Company.
Heavily involved fire. Million dollar home.

First offer:
Second first offer: 
Final settlement:
205,520.54  gain

$ 403,042.71  
$ 476,828.17
$ 608,563.25
51% increase

Fire Loss, Millington, NJ

Carrier: Ameriprise Insurance Company.
Single family home. Brush fire extended to residence causing heavy house fire.

First offer:
Final settlement:   
$ 113,460.63 gain

$ 260,556.52
$ 374,017.15   
44% increase


Fire loss, Moorestown, NJ

Carrier: Stillwater Property & Casualty Insurance.
Heavily involved fire at a single family home.

First offer:  
Second offer:
Final settlement:   
$ 110,148.09 gain  

$ 75,203.55
$ 139,166.54
$ 185,351.64
146% increase


Fire loss, Bloomsbury, NJ

Carrier: The Philadelphia Contributionship.
Heavily involved fire in a single family home.

First offer:
Second offer:  
Third offer:   
Final settlement:
$ 105,749.92 gain

$ 162,919.53
$ 247,883.00
$ 262,810.32
$ 268,669.45
65% increase

Fire loss, Bloomsbury, NJ

Carrier: American Home Assurance Company.
Theft/Vandalism loss caused by a previous property owner. 

First offer:
Final Settlement:
$ 253,992.77 gain

$  42,496.39
$ 296,489.16
600% increase


Windstorm/Collapse, Rahway, NJ

Carrier: State Farm Insurance Company.
Building Coverage: $ 282,800. Collapse of siding and brick façade of a 2-story commercial/ residential building.

First offer:
Second offer:   
Final Settlement:   
$ 178,922.81 gain

$ 126,654.23  
$ 139,107.58  
$ 305,577.04    
141% increase