“First used M. Miller & Son in 1967.”

The first time I used M. Miller & Son, was for a claim I incurred at my business in Newark, NJ in 1967.  It was for a fire and loss of inventory.  I chose to use Miller after being dissatisfied with another adjuster on a previous claim.  Over the next 47 years, my business interests expanded and I sustained various types of losses.  I quickly learned that the insurance companies were looking out for their best interest, not mine.  It was clear that I needed a knowledgeable and professional resource during the claims process, Miller.  I have always believed that the sign of a good businessperson is the ability to seek out professional help in matters outside their realm of knowledge and business. The fees paid to Miller were well earned and worth every penny. I continue to recommended Miller to friends and business associates for both personal and business claims, they are a trusted and valued advisor.

Steve Newmark — CEO, Newmark Group Companies, Florham Park, New Jersey

“We knew we were in good hands.”

After the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy we discovered a significant amount of water coming into our basement.   When we notified our insurance carrier, they were difficult, both in  their level of assistance, as well as their reimbursement offering.  Having paid for the Chubb Masterpiece policy for many years, we presumed that we were entitled to superior service and a greater settlement.  We reached out to M. Miller & Son and after just one visit, we knew we would be in good hands with them as our public adjuster.   During this event, Miller was successful and professional representing our interests as opposed to the insurance company’s.  Miller did not take no for an answer and were able to conduct a favorable negotiation on our behalf.  If a property owner were to sustain a serious property loss, we would recommend they retain Miller, because it would be in their best interest to work with the experts.  We were extremely satisfied with the work of Miller and would recommend them to family, friends and associates.
Debbie and Allan Janoff — Owners of Crystal Plaza, Livingston, New Jersey

“Want to get the best settlement possible? Call Miller.”

I am a second-generation builder and property manager.  When I first entered the business, my father introduced me to M. Miller & Son and told me, ‘Should we have a major loss; call Miller' -  He was right!  And literally, my first call has always been to Robert or Michael at M. Miller & Son.  Unfortunately, through the years, I have sustained several major fire and flood losses.  I would never consider relying on my insurance company to pay us everything we were entitled to; that’s why you need an advocate to help navigate and settle your claim.  
My recommendation to you:  If you've experienced a major loss and want to get the best settlement possible, call Miller, they're the finest in the business. 

Eric Harvitt — Principal, Landmark Companies, Keasbey, New Jersey

“Have you called Miller yet?”

We knew the Miller Family as long-standing patrons of our restaurant.  What we weren’t prepared for was the staggering number of people (both customers and professional contacts) who asked, ‘have you called Miller yet?’ after sustaining our fire loss.   It was obvious that Miller has an outstanding reputation in the public adjusting industry.  As we coped with the stress and pressures of our devastating loss, we were exceptionally grateful for the compassion and vast knowledge of insurance coverage and claims processing that Miller brought to the table. We highly recommend M. Miller & Son, they are the best insurance adjusting company in the business! 

The Ferraro Family — Owners of Ferraro's Restaurant, Westfield, New Jersey

“This is an uphill battle and I'm here to lead the way.”

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for helping us deal with Preferred Mutual, our insurance company.  We would not have recouped even 50% of our settlement without your diligence and expertise.  We will forever remember how hard you worked and your many sayings, including, "this is an uphill battle and I'm here to lead the way."  Mike, thank you once again, we could not have done it without the help of you and your team at  M. Miller & Son.

The Gandhi Family — Home Owner, Westfield, New Jersey

"Your skillful handling has spared me a lot of grievances"

I am taking this opportunity to thank you for the professional and friendly help you provided me with settling the insurance case as a result of the damage caused to my house. Your skillful handling has spared me a lot of grievances and incertitude. With much gratitude.

Eduard Solomon

"Remember, insurance companies are not going to pay top dollar to put your house back together"

What prompted me to use M. Miller & Son was stability. They have been in Hillside for over 30 years, so that proves they are doing something right. They were right there to answer questions and make dealing with the insurance company a lot smoother. Insurance companies are hard to deal with. M. Miller & Son made sure that when I was renting a house, the insurance company was paying the rent. They were on top of the insurance company.

It was a positive experience working with M. Miller & Son. Remember, insurance companies are not going to pay top dollar to put your house back together. M. Miller & Son will get every dollar out of them. They make the insurance company stick to the policy you have with them. Trying to deal with the insurance companies on your own will drive you insane, they’re very cold people to deal with and they are not honest.

Anyone who has to deal with their insurance company because of property damage should use M. Miller & Son. I give them an AAA+++. They will be by your side all the way and tell you step by step what's going on. They will not leave you in the dark like most public adjusters. The most important thing is that they will follow up with the insurance company all the way to the end until the job is done. M. Miller & Son will make the insurance company live up to the promise they made to you.

Mark & Dorothy Murphy

"I was given knowledge, empowerment, and options"

On September 22, 2010 my son James and I suffered another traumatic loss in our lives. I returned home from work to find him restoring the 1985 Pontiac Trans Am that he and my husband had started together. I remember saying, “let me come out to help you,” as he had been working with the gas tank and it made me a bit nervous. He was not as knowledgeable as my husband was. Minutes later, a spark, then an explosion, and the fire engulfed the garage and spread to our home from there. I became numb. I started working with my insurance carrier immediately, following the proper steps. We were completely intimidated and overwhelmed.

I received a phone call from an agent from M. Miller & Son. We met, and from there we learned all aspects of what was involved with a home fire loss. We decided this agency was right for us. I was given knowledge, empowerment, and options. I was kept involved and informed every step of the way. M. Miller & Son provided services I would never have considered. The contents, alone, in the home and the garage required a very involved, detailed inspection, calculating, counting, itemizing costs, piece by piece, item by item. My particular agent also provided grief comfort. He always answered my calls and questions right away. He listened to my post trauma at length and encouraged me to stay on top, and he kept me on top of the process. I thank him personally. Furthermore, he got us a qualified architect, construction company, electrician, plumber and, most of all, total compensation for our full loss. M. Miller & Son come highly recommended by my entire family. This is a devastating tragedy and you should not have to go through it alone.

Laura and James (son) Torstrup

"Knowledge is power, and a novice, emotional insurance claimant cannot effectively negotiate their claim"

I am writing this testimonial to express my positive experience with M. Miller & Son after my multi-unit investment property suffered a devastating fire. As an experienced realtor/investor, I am trained and accustomed to negotiations with business people. I am also smart enough to know what I don’t know, so I wanted a quality public adjuster to represent me in navigating the complicated insurance settlement process. After doing my due diligence and research, I selected M. Miller & Son, based on their positive results for their clients. M. Miller & Son saved me time and money and got me the highest amount for my claim. The insurance company is looking out for their best interests, so it only makes sense to hire a public adjuster to represent you in settling a loss. Knowledge is power, and a novice, emotional insurance claimant cannot effectively negotiate their claim for the best results. Most educated people would not go to court without an attorney, and the same scenario holds true for public adjusters and insurance losses.

If a property owner were hesitant about using a public adjuster, then I would offer the old cliché: “A man who represents himself in court has a fool for a client.” The insurance companies are looking out for their best interests, so you need a public adjuster looking out for yours. You don’t save money when you try to sell your house on your own, try to be your own attorney, or try to settle insurance claims on your own.

Charles A. Jones, lll

"Experts in their field and they worked for me, NOT the insurance company"

During a typical summer storm, a tree branch hit my house. Once the storm stopped, I realized that the branch had opened up a hole the size of a small car over our enclosed side porch. I called my insurance company to report the loss and to see if they could send someone to help me secure the area so that I didn't sustain further damage to the interior. They said they would try to get someone over to me within the next 24-48 hours. A friend suggested I call M. Miller & Son. Within an hour, I had workers placing a tarp over the gaping hole and securing the house and the area. The next morning, I met Michael Miller and hired him on the spot. He was responsive and conscientious, and he explained that dealing with insurance companies, losses, and representing and acting in the best interests of his clients is his only business.

The claims adjuster from my insurance company presented me with a settlement that they assured me was fair and at the maximum end of the company’s allowable range. I thought it seemed low. Michael and his team negotiated on my behalf and I was compensated with a check that was far beyond my expectations. They are experts in their field and they worked for me, NOT the insurance company.

From beginning to end, M. Miller & Son made me feel like I was their chief concern and priority. I cannot thank them enough for all they did and for being there in my time of need, not 24-48 hours later, when it was convenient for my insurance company!

Samantha W.

"Their plan of action was accurate and immediate"

When I was faced with a flooding issue at my home, I was overwhelmed by the destruction and damage. I called my insurance agent and could not be accommodated with a service representative for several days. Finally, a representative who had been hired by our insurance company to evaluate our loss came to our home. This representative was an outsourced, out-of-state, part-time employee who did not adequately evaluate our loss. The communication between the insurance agency and representative was very poor. The part-time agent told me that everything would be covered. The local agent advised differently, claiming that only a portion would be covered. 

Faced with this situation, I decided to reach out to M. Miller & Son for a second opinion. They immediately responded to our request. A very professional employee came to our house and evaluated our loss.

This evaluation was much more complete and professional. Working with M. Miller & Son not only saved us money on the loss, but immediately eliminated the stress we were suffering. Their plan of action was accurate and immediate. We understood what our policy would cover and the steps to take to ensure that our coverage was correctly processed. Thus, a correct dollar amount to cover the damage was obtained. M. Miller & Son also represented our claim to the insurance agency and communicated for us what this claim amount should be.

I would highly recommend M. Miller & Son to anyone who is faced with a loss due to any damage to their property. They live up to their reputation of being the best claims adjuster in the New Jersey/New York/Pennsylvania area.

Mark and Leigh MacDonald

"Mr. Miller and the staff at M. Miller & Son lived up to their sterling reputation"

What prompted me to hire M. Miller & Son as my public adjuster was because I was aware that my father had had a successful and very positive experience when he hired them for a similar insurance claim in the past. I had not met Michael Miller prior to the day that the incident for the insurance claim occurred. But, I always trusted my father and I continue to have faith in the people who he hired and did business with. Mr. Miller and the staff at M. Miller & Son lived up to their sterling reputation. Not only were they very experienced in their field, they gave great guidance as to what one should do and what is being done every step of the way during the different stages of an insurance claim. They were also very openly communicative with me, the client. Whenever I was told that I would be receiving an email or a phone call from them, I did, as promised.

Before my experience with M. Miller & Son, if a friend or colleague of mine, or even someone I didn't know, sustained property damage and asked my opinion regarding whether they should hire a licensed public adjuster or deal directly with their insurance company, I would have advised them to deal with their insurance company. After my experience with M. Miller & Son, if that very same person asked me the same exact question, I would advise them to hire a licensed public adjuster – and that licensed public adjuster should be M. Miller & Son. Hands down. No questions asked.

Jason Tammam

"Professional, reliable, and quick-thinking"

When the disaster happened – the fire that took place in our house – we got totally lost, scared, and confused, and didn’t know what to do. Having a licensed adjuster by your side, who has the knowledge and negotiation skills to lead you step by step through the entire process, is definitely a big help. Jeff from
M. Miller & Son came to see us and he helped us with all of the details. Not only did he know what items could be included in our claim and how much could be claimed for each item, he was professional, reliable, and quick-thinking. He also tried to prevent further damage. It was just like what he said when we first met – he did take away our headache.

Alice & Wayne Wan

"Thank you so much, M. Miller & Son, for your constant support and honesty"

We were blessed to be working with M. Miller & Son. Jeff Schwartz has been an amazing person to us. He definitely helped us out in our time of need, making sure we were taken care of in every way. He found us a temporary home and helped us all along the way with any questions we had and with any information we needed. The same day we had the fire in our home, we were approached by many people telling us many things that they could do for us. They didn't even give us a chance to recuperate from that traumatic day. Whereas, Mr. Schwartz came to us a few days later and we felt very comfortable and grateful to have him help our family out. We didn't feel pressured, we actually felt his honest true intentions, and his actions have definitely given him a lot of credibility. I would definitely recommend him – and M. Miller & Son – to any family that has to go through this experience. Sometimes, we may think we know what we are supposed to do, but to have the guidance and to trust that person is definitely very beneficial. Thank you so much, M. Miller & Son, for your constant support and honesty.

Margarita Ehrig, Oky's cookies

"Only settled the claim when we were offered the full policy limits"

We experienced a partial building collapse. One of four walls had fallen in the winter during a stormy night. The insurance company immediately raised concerns over covering any part of the damage, as it may have been poor workmanship, excessive wear, ice, or wind damage, so we hired M. Miller & Son to represent us

M. Miller & Son knew the players from the insurance company well and seemed to get their immediate respect. They advocated for us by digging into our policy, working with an engineer to determine the covered cause of the damage. The insurance company agreed to cover the loss, but only offered to repair the property.

While that sounds reasonable, we were concerned about the integrity of the rest of the building and we asked Miller if we could do better. They explained the risk of not accepting the insurance company’s offer, along with the options that were available to us. We ended up hiring a structural engineer, as coordinated by Miller, and we only settled the claim when we were offered the full policy limits.

We are grateful we chose M. Miller & Son and would recommend them in the future.

Robert Saunders

"I called my lawyer and he immediately asked me to get in touch with M. Miller & Son"

I had a water pipe burst from the ceiling in my warehouse. This was on a Friday. There was water everywhere. I asked my people to call the insurance company and have them send someone immediately, before the weekend, to make note of the damage and tell us how we should move forward. We got a reply from the insurance company that there was nobody available to attend to us at that moment. I was shocked with this reply and totally confused about how I would present my case to the insurance company come Monday, whether they were going to believe anything I said at that point. I called my lawyer and he immediately asked me to get in touch with M. Miller & Son. He told me that they were public adjusters and the best in the business.

Michael Miller arrived at my office about an hour after our telephone conversation. He explained everything to me very clearly and handled the situation extremely well. Their charges were clearly discussed and everything was extremely transparent. They prepared all of the information that was required for the claim. They did everything thoroughly and professionally.

In simple words, if anybody has an insurance claim, they should get a public adjuster to make their life easy. M. Miller & Son will fight for every single penny that is due to you from your insurance company.

Over the years, we have had three insurance claims. Every claim was settled to the fullest. This can only happen if you have professionals like M. Miller & Son working with you.


"Mr. Miller was literally instrumental in saving my home"

After being away for several days, I walked into my home and observed water gushing through my dining room ceiling and light fixture. The ceiling had already collapsed onto my dining room table and floor. I was in shock and in fear that an electrical fire would ensue. I somehow found the main water valve for the house and shut it off immediately.

I contacted a plumber and my insurance company. The insurance company recommended that I hire a remediation company and they provided me with the names of several companies to call. Regretfully, not one remediation company was available for three weeks despite my begging for help.

I recalled that a friend had highly recommended a public adjuster, Michael Miller, and I called him immediately. Unbelievably, Mr. Miller arrived at my home within an hour, calmed my fears and took charge of the situation. A remediation company was at my front door later that same day, with a crew ready to begin the clean-up. It is still hard for me to believe how Mr. Miller was literally instrumental in saving my home. In fact, the wood floors were warping as the crew entered my house.

From that point forward, I implicitly trusted Mr. Miller and his company contacts and I completely relied on him to handle my claim. He had my best interests in mind, as opposed to an insurance company claims adjuster who was instead interested in saving the insurance company money.

M. Miller & Son prepared an inventory of the lost and damaged items, obtained estimates, communicated and negotiated with the insurance company’s claims adjuster, and obtained a fair and reasonable settlement of my claim. Mr. Miller strongly advocated for my needs to the insurance company adjuster and made sure that I was compensated for all the losses I sustained. He defended and protected my rights.

M. Miller and Son did all of the work, relieving me of the complicated process and stress of having my claim processed. All of my phone calls and emails were answered promptly. They possessed the skill, knowledge, and experience to manage my claim in an efficient, expedient, and satisfactory manner. Michael Miller personally was polite, intelligent, and was clearly an expert in his field.

Angela and Carl Mazzarra

"Don't let the insurance companies try to take advantage you, contact M. Miller & Son"

I could not have been happier with the choice I made to use M. Miller & Son. On numerous occasions, I have sustained property damage. When I attempted to work things out directly with the insurance companies, I got the run-around from them and they tried to take advantage of me. However, once I contacted M. Miller & Son, I was assured that my claim would be handled properly, quickly, and smoothly. All three of these promises held true. M. Miller & Son contacted the insurance carriers and handled the process throughout. We were successful in our claims, through the help of M. Miller & Son. Don't let the insurance companies try to take advantage you, contact M. Miller & Son right away!

Jason Kahane

"There is no better public adjuster than M. Miller & Son"

I have been a real estate investor for over 30 years and have been a loyal client of M. Miller & Son since 1989. There is no better public adjuster than M. Miller & Son. There have been many instances where after incurring serious property loss, I knew I could count on Michael and his team of professionals to have my best interests in mind and fight for my rights as a landlord. With an insurance company, you’re just another customer. M. Miller & Son provides one-on-one personalized customer service that guarantees the absolute best possible outcome in the case of property loss. I highly recommend M. Miller & Son.

Bill Homer

"Mike recovered almost two and a half times what the insurance company initially offered"

M. Miller & Son’s services far surpassed our expectations when we called for assistance with a loss due to vandalism at a property owned by the bank’s subsidiary. Mike recovered almost two and a half times what the insurance company initially offered to settle the claim for. Upon inspecting the property, Mike identified potential areas of recovery that were not previously recognized. I would highly recommend the use of a public adjuster in settling an insurance claim and would specifically recommend M. Miller & Son.

Michelle S. Kirmser, Esq., VP, Asset Recovery Manager, Unity Bank

"Anytime we needed him to meet with us, Jeff was always there, providing the answers we needed"

Working with M. Miller & Son gave us peace of mind. My husband Rob had three surgeries as a result of the fire, so hiring M. Miller & Son was the best decision we ever made. Considering that Rob's situation was the most important thing to us at that moment, this alone would’ve made us confused about what to do.

M. Miller & Son took the burden from us, mentally and physically, because we were able to concentrate on Rob's condition. If we hadn’t hired a public adjuster, we would probably have been at a loss about what to do or how to prioritize, given the circumstances we were in.

Working with Jeff was a relief as well. Anytime we needed him to meet with us, he was always there, providing the answers we needed. He was always in the meetings with us and the restoration company that was tasked with building our house. He never failed to remind me that whatever wasn't clear in our contract, or if I needed more of an explanation, I shouldn't hesitate to call him. Whenever I did call, he was always available to clear things up with me.

Together with my husband Rob, I would definitely recommend hiring a public adjuster, particularly M. Miller & Son. They gave us good service, and the entire office was very accommodating and a pleasure to get along with.

Krecie & Rob Young

"Just do it"

Just do it. Trust me and others who have worked with M. Miller & Son that you will be very satisfied that you made the decision.

Barbara Seater

"they more than tripled my return from my insurer’s original low-ball offer"

After months of M. Miller & Son negotiating with my insurance company, they more than tripled my return from my insurer’s original low-ball offer. It was extremely challenging for my adjuster, Jeff Schwartz, to deal with my insurance company. Although there were constant delays and lack of communication from my insurance company, my adjuster went above and beyond to get us the answers and results we needed. It's been a long journey, but at the end of the day we are extremely happy how all the hard work paid off.

Robert Ochoa

"Jeff and M. Miller & Son stood out"

It was an unfortunate beginning of the day for us when I got a call around 2:30 a.m. from the Perth Amboy, NJ police department telling us that our property had had a fire. I immediately went to Perth Amboy to support my tenants and see the damage. There were a lot of adjusters trying to pressure me into hiring them to help me through the reconstruction process, but when I saw through their eyes, I could see they were trying to help themselves. The next morning, Jeffery Schwartz from
M. Miller & Son was at my door. He sympathized with our loss, talked about his business, and explained about himself, his firm, and what he could do for us and how he could work with us. My spouse was impressed with Jeff’s approach and sincerity. Once we decided to go with an adjuster, we compared several. Jeff and
M. Miller & Son stood out. We were impressed with Jeff’s professionalism. He was calm, composed, and a good listener, and someone who we felt could really understand our issues and lead us through this situation.

We are currently working with Jeff. He has worked with the insurance company, guided us when needed, and has met all of our expectations. I am happy that we hired Jeff and M. Miller & Son and am sure he will help us in completing the final restoration process.

Vinod Hegde