Thanksgiving Safety

On Thanksgiving, the whole family is gathered in and around the kitchen cooking,
laughing, and telling stories. It’s no wonder that the highest number of cooking fires each year
occurs on Thanksgiving. With all the activity and energy abuzz, kitchen fires can easily erupt—
perhaps the stove is unattended, the oven overheated, or a candle fell over. Whatever the
cause, avoid catastrophe this Thanksgiving with these safety tips:

• Make sure fire alarms are functioning— not just in the kitchen, but throughout the whole house. Change their batteries if it’s been a while and push the test button to confirm that they work.

• Make sure electrical cords from phone chargers, toaster ovens, and other sources are not close to heat or flame.

• Stay in the kitchen when grilling, frying, or broiling food. If food is simmering, roasting, or baking, check on it often.

• If there is a fire in the oven or microwave oven, turn off the heat and close the oven door. The oxygen will deplete and the fire will dwindle. If there is a stove top fire, do NOT carry the hot pan to the sink. Turn off heat and slowly slide a cookie sheet on top. If the fire persists in either case, be sure to call the fire department.

• Roll up the sleeves of your big, cozy fall sweater when cooking so that the sleeves do not catch fire.

• Be mindful of splashing oil from fryers. They can cause serious burns and flash fires.

• Keep the number of people in the kitchen to a minimum. It will be easier to focus on cooking the meal and chances of burns, falling pans, and other issues are reduced.

• Blow out candles when leaving the room, and make sure they are not accessible to children

• Remember to turn off all kitchen equipment when the preparations are complete. With these tips in mind, have a safe and very happy Thanksgiving. Warmly from our family at M. Miller & Son to yours.