Regardless of whether your loss is residential or commercial, M. Miller & Son has the expertise that makes the difference between your receiving the settlement that your insurance company views as fair and your being awarded the maximum amount to which your policy entitles you.  Because your carrier has its own best interests in mind – not yours – there can be a large discrepancy between the two amounts.  M. Miller & Son works solely as your advocate and, as such, is focused exclusively on your best interests.  The firm has been successful in negotiating settlements for its clients that have, on average, been 20%-30% higher than what the insurance carrier originally offered.

1. We Analyze Your Coverage

  • Review the terms, coverages, and benefits to which your policy affords you
  • Fully explain how we analyzed your policy, so you understand how your coverage relates to your loss
  • Assist you in understanding the requirements of your policy
  • Help you maximize your financial recovery by developing a proactive personalized strategy for filing your claim

2. We Help You Create an Emergency Fund

  • Request advance funds from the insurance company so you can establish an emergency fund account
  • Work with other professionals (accountants, engineers, consultants, etc.), help you manage your finances with respect to the loss
  • Organize and prepare a complete list of your additional living expenses for residential claims.  Work with your insurance company to obtain reimbursement for these expenses
  • If necessary, help you find a temporary location so you can resume business as soon as possible. In the case of a residential claim, we will help you and your family find temporary living accommodations if your loss requires that you relocate

3. We Prepare a Damage Estimate

  • Provide a detailed review of all damage to your property, including inventory, documenting damage to all areas
  • Provide line-item estimates, calculate quantities, unit costs, and total costs to cover your loss of merchandise, salvageable vs. non-salvageable
  • Prepare and submit all documentation to the insurance company using industry-standard claim forms, maximizing your ability to receive a prompt and accurate response from your carrier 

4. We Stand by You When Negotiating Your Settlement

  • Attend all meetings with insurance company adjuster(s) and personnel so you can get back to your normal schedule
  • Report meeting details and action items on a regular basis and keep you fully apprised of all developments
  • Communicate all settlement offers to you and recommend whether they should be accepted or negotiated further
  • Accept settlement offers only after your review and approval

5. We Settle Your Claim Successfully

  • Resolve claims as quickly as possible
  • Obtain all that is legally due to you from the insurance company
  • Help you return to your normal lifestyle