Call your insurance company? Of course. You can be assured they will put their finest adjuster on the claim to negotiate the best settlement for them. Because your insurance carrier has their best interest in mind – not yours – there can be a large discrepancy between the amount of money you are offered, and the amount you rightfully deserve. 

M. Miller & Son is licensed and bonded in Puerto Rico to manage and support your serious property damage claims related to structural loss, condominium damage, commercial and
retail properties, business interruption, personal business property including stock, fixtures and equipment, manufacturing facilities, warehouses and hospitality entities.

We work with a dedicated team of LOCAL experts including, forensic accountants,
building estimators, engineers, inventory experts, equipment appraisers,
contracting  personnel, cleaning and restoration contractors.

We have 57 years of experience adjusting serious commercial and large-scale hurricane related losses, involving windstorm and water related damages.

M. Miller & Son is a third generation, family-owned adjustment firm servicing the needs of the policyholder in Puerto Rico, since 1998 (Hurricane Georges).

We have successfully negotiated settlements for our clients resulting in an average increase
of 15% to 1,000% OVER the initial offer
 extended by the insurance carrier.

M. Miller & Son represents you, not the insurance company. We are focused solely on your best interest and settling your claim for the maximum amount possible.

Call us or complete the form below for a no-obligation consultation to evaluate your insurance coverage, deductible and overall property damages. We're here to help and will be here until your claim is settled.


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