Michael Miller has participated in the family business since he was a young boy. He officially joined the company in 1983 as an adjuster. Michael personally took part in adjusting countless catastrophe claims during Hurricane Andrew in Florida, Hurricanes Luis and Marilyn in the Caribbean, and Hurricane Georges and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Michael was formerly the president of NJAPIA (New Jersey Association of Public Insurance Adjusters) and was a two-time member of the board of directors for NAPIA. He is a licensed public adjuster in the states of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. Michael is currently the managing member of M. Miller & Son, in addition to being a general property adjuster and loss consultant for the firm.

Michael actively participates in NAPIA's continuing education program. He has been a frequent guest commentator on WOR’s nationally syndicated radio show, Eye on Real Estate with Dotty Herman, offering expert advice on post storm recovery.  Since Hurricane Irene and Super Storm Sandy, he has also participated in paneled discussions with local politicians and FEMA representatives. Michael attended Boston University and The College of Insurance in New York City.


Michael Borgo joined M. Miller & Son in 1980.  He has been a principal since 1990. As a licensed public adjuster and loss consultant, Michael has successfully adjusted thousands of building, personal property, business interruption, and other types of claims that have arisen from catastrophic events.  Michael specializes in disputed insurance claims and has been appointed as an appraiser and umpire for numerous insurance appraisal proceedings. Michael graduated from Upsala College in New Jersey and is a member of NAPIA and NJAPIA.


Robert B. Miller has been a licensed property adjuster, estimator, and loss consultant for M. Miller & Son since 1988. Robert has adjusted numerous catastrophe claims due to hurricanes. He was appointed as an appraiser for numerous claims to resolve disputes and differences between the insured and the carrier. Previously, Robert worked as a construction supervisor, general contractor for apartment complexes, and foreman. Robert attended Rutgers University where he studied Civil Engineering. He is a member of NAPIA, NJPAA, NYPAA, PIA, NJAA, POA and is licensed and bonded New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Puerto Rico. 






Barry S. Miller has practiced insurance litigation, real estate law and general commercial litigation for over 29 years as in-house counsel to M. Miller & Son, LLC, while also maintaining his own private client base operating as The Law Firm of Barry S. Miller, Esq.  Barry has fought on behalf of our clients in some of the most complex insurance litigation cases.  In instances where insurance companies have not cooperated, and in some cases, denied insurance coverage, Barry has represented and fought on behalf of our clients.  Insurance companies have their own legal defense attorneys and with The Law Firm of Barry S. Miller, Esq. and M. Miller & Son behind you, you too have a team to defend your rights as a first-party claimant.


In-House Counsel

Licensed Public Adjuster

Jeff Schwartz joined M. Miller & Son in 1999.  His many years of experience as a public adjuster for residential, commercial, and industrial property losses have enabled him to successfully negotiate positive outcomes for the firm’s clients, with claims ranging from the conventional to the highly intricate. Jeff is a member of NAPIA and NJAPIA.  He is an active participant in NAPIA's continuing education program, in addition to being a regular participant at industry conventions. Jeff graduated with honors from Adelphi University with a B.A. in Communications.

Licensed Public Adjuster

Willie Blanco joined MMS as a Senior Claims Adjuster in 2016. He is currently working on his thirteenth hurricane in Puerto Rico. Previously, Willie followed his construction family roots and worked as a contractor. When Hurricane Andrew devastated South Florida in August of 1992, he was hired by East Coast Public Adjusters and learned the best practices to post-catastrophic reconstruction and recovery. Following Hurricane Sandy in 2012, he assisted colleagues in reviewing and performing forensic adjustment of underpaid claims to secure additional recovery. Willie is licensed and bonded in Florida, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Puerto Rico.

Client Services Coordinator, 
Puerto Rico Office

Senior Office Administrator/ Licensed Public Adjuster

Ofelia Acevedo joined M. Miller & Son in 1991.  She oversees operations and office services for the firm.  A licensed public adjuster in New Jersey since 1994, Ofelia additionally plays a key role at M. Miller & Son in the adjustment process of claims.  She also serves as a liaison with attorneys, mortgage specialists, and insurance company personnel.  Ofelia is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.

Executive Assistant/
Licensed Public Adjuster

Natasha SanGiacomo joined M. Miller & Son in 1993.  She serves as executive assistant to Robert B. Miller and handles all executive-level administrative functions for the firm.  Natasha has been a licensed public adjuster in New Jersey since 1994.  In addition to being responsible for establishing and maintaining claim files, she plays a critical role in the adjustment process of claims.  Natasha is fluent in Portuguese.

Executive Assistant

Lis Moreno joined M. Miller and Son in 2011.  She brings to the firm more than 10 years’ experience providing customer service and office administration.  Currently, Lis is executive assistant to the firm’s principal, Michael A. Miller.  In addition, she assists M. Miller & Son’s adjusters in handling open claims.  Lis also oversees the firm’s website, social network profiles, and online listings.  Prior to joining M. Miller & Son, Lis worked on a number of construction projects throughout the tri-state area assisting the head engineer of a prominent New York City construction company.  She is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish. 

Office Administrator

Maria Contreras has been a member of M. Miller & Son since 2002, providing office administration support.  In addition to fielding all incoming calls and handling correspondence, she is responsible for maintaining claims-documentation files, inventory of supplies, and scheduling appointments for the firm’s executives and staff.  Maria also serves as a customer service specialist for M. Miller & Son, liaising with existing and prospective clients.  She provides status updates on open claims, in addition to answering questions.  Maria is fluent in Spanish. 


Executive Assistant, Puerto Rico Office

Agnes Collazo is an Executive Assistant for M. Miller & Son in San Juan, Puerto Rico, joining the team in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Previously, Agnes worked as an editorial director, project manager and publishing director for a Miami publishing company based in Puerto Rico. She studied marketing and business administration at University of Sacred Heart and has a masters degree in Communications from the University of Puerto Rico.

Data Manager

Bruce Alan Sidwell has served as M. Miller & Son’s Data Manager since 1988.  His area of expertise is computer operations.  Prior to graduating from Kean College, Bruce was a member of the United States Navy. 

Data Associate

Gary Freeman has been a member of M. Miller & Son for more than 40 years.  He currently serves as a data associate.  Additionally, he provides construction, inventory, and data-processing expertise.  

Data Associate

John Mostich joined M. Miller & Son in 1992.  As an Information Technician, he is responsible for acquiring and retaining essential data, including maintaining records in the firm’s computer data base and monitoring daily field activity.  John graduated from Chubb Institute in 1994 with a degree in Computer Science.